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air source heat pumps Storrington

What are Air Source Heat Pumps?

An air source heat pump is a device that converts low-grade energy from the air into usable heat that may be used to heat homes and water. Air source heat pumps use electricity to power the process of converting low-grade energy into heat, rather than as a fuel.

As a result, they can be extremely efficient, requiring only a quarter of the electrical energy required to produce the same quantity of heat energy. They are considered a renewable technology since the energy source they use, is supplied by the sun.

There are also two main types of air source heat pumps available, this includes air-to-air and air-to-water heat pumps. You can find out more about air source heat pumps by clicking the link below.

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Air Source Heat Pump Installations Storrington

Air source heat pumps are becoming more popular amongst homeowners who want to reduce their carbon footprint. Not only are these a great way of heating up your home, but they are also the most economical and eco-friendly heating solutions. They are also fully suitable for heating up your home and provide you with hot water based on your needs.

These are just a few benefits we have listed, there are plenty more that come along with air source heat pumps. You will be glad to know that our heating engineers are highly knowledgeable and ensure all installations are completed to the highest standards and meet your requirements.

Here at Pipeline Plumbing Services Ltd, our fully trained and qualified heating engineers will be happy to guide you through choosing the right product for you and your home, so you can be assured that you are making the right decision. Make sure to discuss your options with us by speaking to a member of the team today.

Why Choose an Air Source Heat Pump?

Not only do they naturally use the energy from the air, saving you money, they are also less reliant on electricity, helping keep your electricity bills down. There are also many types of air source heat pumps available from various brands, if you are not sure which one to go for, we will be happy to help!

When you call us for our air source heat pump installation service, we will go through the entire process with you, from choosing the correct pump for you to installation, something our customers across Storrington really appreciate. You can read through some of the reviews they have left for us by reading through the reviews on our reviews page.

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