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There are many different types of heating systems out there, from conventional options to those built around modern combi-boilers.  Another popular option involves the installation of an unvented hot water cylinder.  This type of heating system is part of a pressurised system that is fed directly from your cold mains water feed. This subsequently delivers hot water at mains pressure, which can significantly improve the performance of your bath and shower. We’ll cover this in further detail below, whilst asking why Pipeline Plumbing Services should manage your installation.

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Unvented Cylinder Systems – What You Need to Know

Unlike conventional heating systems, an unvented cylinder doesn’t require a cold-water storage tank to be installed in your home. This makes it a viable option for those who live in smaller and new-build properties, particularly if you’d rather not install a brand-new combi-boiler. With this type of cylinder, the water can be either heated directly via an immersion heater or through your central heating system. Similarly, unvented cylinder systems are compatible with solar thermal technology and similarly renewable energy sources, which is ideal in the modern age.

To function properly, an unvented hot water cylinder relies on an expansion vessel, which must be fitted to allow for the augmentation of your water supply as it heats.  From a safety perspective, an unvented cylinder comes with some all-important safety mechanisms, including twin thermostats for greater control and pressure relief valves.

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Before the Installation – How do Unvented Cylinders Work?

As we’ve already said, unvented cylinders work as pressurised systems that draw water directly from your cold-water feed.  This means that they require an adequate mains pressure and suitable flow rate, whilst your system pressure should typically sit within the 2.0 bar region. A pressure reducing valve should also be used on all unvented cylinders, in order to limit the pressure of the incoming mains water and keep this to a safe level.  This type of safety feature enables unvented cylinders to work reliably and efficiently at all times, so long as you employ the services of a qualified G3 engineer to oversee the installation process.

Advantages of an unvented cylinder installation

These sealed hot water tanks provide a number of benefits when installed in your home:

Maintain better water pressure than an open vented system

As an unvented cylinder is supplied directly from your cold water feed, the mains pressure is maintained, unlike the open vented alternative. This is a great option for those who do not want to sacrifice precious water pressure.

Save space!

As an unvented cylinder does not require a feeder tank, unvented cylinders are fantastic space savers and mean more space for the more important things in your home.

Reduced sound from your system

Unvented cylinders do not work by filling up with a cold water tank located in your loft.  Due to this, unvented cylinders provide a significant reduction in sound when compared to the vented cylinder alternative.

Long-lasting and reliable

Provided you opt for a reputable installer, unvented cylinders can last up to and over 30 years, meaning that these systems are robust additions to your central heating system that will be a reliable source of hot water for years to come.

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Are unvented cylinders right for your home?

Unvented cylinders work well in a variety of different homes and are an excellent system for providing hot water throughout your home. There are a few ways to determine whether an unvented cylinder is right for your home the first being to check with a reputable heating engineer who will be able to tell you if an unvented cylinder will work for you.

Unvented cylinders are highly recommended for:

Larger homes or homes with multiple bathrooms

Unvented cylinders are well suited to larger homes that have multiple bathrooms likely to be used together. This is because the pressure created inside the water tank maintains a level of water pressure to supply your home. This means that your tank is capable of supplying more than one hot water outlet at a time.

Homes that need additional room in the loft/attic

If you are considering upgrading from a vented cylinder, an unvented cylinder can help you save money. Vented cylinders rely on gravity to transfer water from your cold water tank to your heating tank. Unvented cylinders connect directly to your mains water supply and use an energy source (gas, electricity etc.) to heat up your water. If saving space in your loft is important to you, then an unvented cylinder is a great option.

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A large proportion of our work also represents repeat business, which shows that customers continue to flock to us and employ our services. To discuss our brand and unvented cylinder service installation in greater detail, feel free to give us a call at either 01903 740538 or 07871 725133. You can also reach us via email at, and we’ll look to responding as soon as possible.

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