Easy access wet rooms.

Wet rooms are a wonderful invention and a popular choice for many homeowners. Many people no longer use a bath - or at least don’t use a bath as much as a shower - making wet rooms a preferred choice for many when modernising your home.

Wet rooms are essentially shower rooms, without the need for a shower tray and a shower screen. They can be designed very stylishly, and are easy to maintain.

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wetroom installations

Benefits of a wet room

Wet rooms are stylish and contemporary, fitting perfectly with modern living. There are lots of benefits to having a wet room installed, here are some of the main ones:

  • They look great, fitting perfectly with contemporary homes.
  • They can increase the value of your property.
  • They’re easier to clean than standard bathrooms, especially not having a shower tray to scrub or water stains on the bath to manage.
  • They’re easier to access for people in a wheelchair.
  • They can add an additional toilet and shower to your property, saving you from moving home and the costs that come with this.

Installing a wet room

At Pipeline Plumbing Services Ltd, we have in-depth knowledge of the plumbing world, with 38 years combined experience in the industry. We use our specialist skills to carry out wet room installations to the highest standards.

This involves supporting the design of your wet room to ensure your shower, toilet and sink are positioned in the optimum place. We then create the correct gradient for the floor so that the water from your shower can drain away properly. We also make the floor waterproof, so that the area is protected from dampness and mould, and continues to work effectively in the longer term.

Expert wet room installation in Pulborough

Working throughout Pulborough, Storrington, Arundel, Billingshurst, Petworth, Horsham, Chichester and Worthing, the team at Pipeline Plumbing Ltd are proud to serve our local community. If you’re interested in having a wet room installed and would like to find out more or arrange a quote, then simply get in touch.  

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