Boiler Installation Horsham

Boilers are a massive, key component to your property and having a new one can be advantageous in many ways. First, installing a new boiler is much more energy efficient, therefore cutting your energy bills. A new boiler can also add value to your home as well as being smaller in size which saves on space, if you would like to discuss your options with our heating engineers, call us on  01903 740538 or 07871725133.

What you need to do before getting a new boiler installed

There can be many questions and queries when it comes to having a new boiler installed. The first step in easing these concerns is deciding who to consult when the time comes. Getting your new boiler installed by Gas Safe registered engineers is an ideal solution. Our heating engineers have over 38 years of experience installing boilers throughout Horsham. They are fully qualified and make sure all their work is completed to an extremely high standard, browse through their work on the gallery page.

Types of boilers

Conventional boilers:

Traditional boilers, also referred to as heat-only boilers, are appropriate for larger homes with numerous radiators and taps which use hot water at the same time. They take up more area than other types of boilers because they need a cold water storage tank and a hot water tank. Yet, traditional boilers are the best choice for large houses since they can simultaneously heat water from several taps.

Benefits of conventional boilers:

- Suitable for larger homes.

- Suitable for homes with many radiators and taps, that use hot water at the same time.

- Requires a cold water storage tank, in addition to a hot water tank.

System boilers:

Larger homes with many bathrooms should use system boilers, also referred to as sealed system boilers. Without the need for a loft tank, they provide a continual and on-demand supply of hot water to any number of rooms. As they don't require a hot water tank and instead heat water directly from the mains, they are more energy-efficient than traditional boilers. System boilers, however, could require more room than combi boilers.

Benefits of system boilers:

- Suitable for larger homes with more than one bathroom.

- Offer a constant, on-demand supply of hot water to any number of rooms.

- It does not need a loft tank to save on space.

Combi boilers:

Combination boilers, usually referred to as combi boilers, are the best choice for compact houses. They are the ideal choice for tiny apartments and bungalows because of their compact size and lack of need for a loft area. Combi boilers do not require a hot water tank because they supply hot water straight from the mains. Larger homes should not use them since they might not have enough hot water to run many taps at once.

Benefits fo combi boilers:

- Provides a constant flow of hot water.

- These are compact in size - great for smaller homes.

- Require no loft space, as they have no need for cold water storage.

- Limited pipework required- a lot more aesthetically pleasing.

What size boiler do I need?

The size of the boiler required for your home often depends on the property’s needs. Depending on your requirements will depend on what type of boiler is needed and, therefore, its size. Generally, a boiler with a higher kilowatt output is bigger and, therefore, better at managing the heating and hot water needs of a more sizable property.

The table below is a rough guide showing the energy output and size of boiler you may require in your home.

The cost of installing a new boiler

Getting a new boiler installed, even from our local boiler installers in Horsham, can be an unexpected, expensive cost. It does not need to be a worrying one, though. Our heating engineers highly recommend getting a quote from many heating companies to help you budget for your new boiler.

Speak to a heating engineer in Horsham

If you are local to Horsham and require a new boiler or a boiler installer, please don’t hesitate to look at Pipeline Plumbing Services or call us on 01903 740538 or 07871725133. Our experienced staff will be able to assist you with all your questions and queries surrounding our boiler installation services.