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Air source heat pumps are an alternative heat source for generating effective and budget-friendly heating for your home. With Pipeline Plumbing Services Ltd, you can enjoy a professional, accredited, and personalised air source heat pump installation. Our expert heating engineers will efficiently and professionally install your preferred air source heat pump in your home.

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Air Source Heat Pump Installations

Air source heat pumps are low-carbon heating sources for household heating. These alternative heating sources operate by taking the air from outside your home, increasing the temperature, and then transferring it into the radiators or underfloor heating in your home to keep your home warm. The benefit to installing an air source heat pump in your home is that it uses less energy to create a heat source in your home, making it a budget-friendly and environmentally friendly heating option.

5 Benefits of Air Source Heat Pump Installations

Air source heat pumps have become increasingly common as the world looks for more environmentally friendly heating options. These cutting-edge systems offer a number of benefits by taking heat from the air and using it to warm your house. We'll look at five major advantages of installing an air source heat pump in this article.

Energy Savings

Heat pumps with an air source are highly energy-efficient. They are a greener option to conventional heating systems since they use electricity to transport heat from the outside air into your house. They are so effective at converting energy into warmth that they can actually produce three to four units of heat for every unit of electricity they use.

Lower Heating Bills

The possibility for large savings on your heating expenses is one of the most alluring advantages of air source heat pumps. They lessen your dependency on fossil fuels or electric heating because they rely on the heat that is naturally present in the environment. This can result in significant cost savings over time, particularly given the rising cost of electricity.

Reduced Carbon Footprint

Making the switch to an air source heat pump is a sensible decision. These devices assist in reducing your carbon footprint by utilising renewable energy sources and emitting less carbon emissions. An air source heat pump is a positive step in the right way if you want to lessen the environmental effect of your home.

Flexible in All Seasons

Air source heat pumps can be used for purposes other than just keeping a home warm in the winter. In the summer, they can also function as air conditioners, providing both heating and cooling capabilities. Your home will be comfortable all year round thanks to this dual functionality.

Government Incentives

A lot of local and state governments provide grants and incentives to promote the use of energy-efficient heating technologies, such as air source heat pumps. By offsetting the initial installation expenses with these financial advantages, switching to a more sustainable heating option becomes more feasible.

Installations of air source heat pumps provide a number of advantages, including cost and energy savings, environmental responsibility, and all-year comfort. Air source heat pumps are a great option for households wishing to minimise their energy usage and environmental impact while remaining warm and comfortable as we continue to prioritise eco-friendly alternatives.

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Why Choose Pipeline Plumbing Services Ltd

Air source heat pump installations need to be performed by expert heating engineers. With Pipeline Plumbing Services Ltd, our professional heating engineers have you covered.

Find out below about our professional air source heat pump installation service.

1) Experienced Heating Engineers

Our heating engineers offer a professional and experienced air source heat pump installation service. We have installed air source heat pumps in homes across West Sussex to a high standard. Our efficient service ensures that you can quickly start enjoying your new alternative heat source in your home.

2) Accredited Heating Engineers

When experience is paired with accreditation you can trust, you have the Pipeline Plumbing Services Ltd team. All of our heating engineers are Gas Safe registered and OFTEC registered. This allows you to enjoy our professional installation service whilst feeling confident that your air source heat pump will be installed according to the latest regulations and safety standards.

3) Personalised Advice

Our heating engineers are dedicated to providing you with an effective and efficient heating system solution that is personalised to your needs. We will happily offer our expert advice on whether the air-to-air pump or the air-to-water pump is best suited to your household heating needs. We are here to ensure that your household only benefits from our professional air source heat pump installation.

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