December 15, 2021

Air Source Heat Pumps Myths

To assist the UK to achieve its net-zero carbon emissions target by 2050, households across the country will need to adopt low carbon heating technologies such as air source heat pumps.

Air source heat pumps play a vital role in reducing our dependence on oil. In this blog, we go through a few myths about air source heat pumps and set the record straight.

air source heat pumps myths

So, what are the myths about air source heat pumps?

Myth #1: They are noisy

One of the most popular misconceptions regarding air source heat pumps is that they are noisy. Over the years, air source heat pumps are designed to be compact in size, energy-efficient and make as much noise as your fridge. They are no longer as big and noisy as they used to be and any sound you hear now is due to the pump's fan pulling the air into the system. It is installed by a qualified engineer, you should not be able to hear it inside your home.

Myth #2: Not efficient during the winter

As the outside air temperature drops, the effectiveness of air source heat pumps decreases. When temperatures reach as low as -15°C, they are still capable of extracting heat from the air.

Myth #3: They only work with underfloor heating

Air source heat pumps are fully compatible with underfloor heating and radiators.  Larger radiators can help to maximise the benefits of heat pumps by distributing heat at lower temperatures for longer periods of time. It's also a good idea to make sure your home is well-insulated, as this will help to reduce heat loss.

Myth #4: They can only. be installed in new build properties

Whether you have a semi-detached house to high rise flats, modern heat pumps can be simply installed in various properties. Before installing any new renewable systems, always check with your local planning authority to see if you need planning permission, especially if you reside in a conservation area or have a listed property.

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