September 12, 2023

Benefits of tado° thermostats

You should start thinking about buying a thermostats thermostat. Smart thermostats like tado° learn your preferences and modify your heating and cooling as necessary. Our heating engineers examine the advantages of tado° thermostats and how they might revolutionise home comfort in this blog.

What are tado° thermostats?

The heating and cooling systems in your home can be managed using tado° thermostats. tado° is a type of smart thermostat which lets you control the temperature from your smartphone, tablet, or computer by connecting to the Wi-Fi, wherever you are. tado° thermostats learn your preferences and regulate the temperature in accordance with them, unlike conventional thermostats that follow a predefined schedule.

Benefits of tado°

Energy Efficiency

When tado° detects whether you are at home or out, it relies on presence detection and geofencing to modify the temperature. Additionally, it features a function called weather adaption that uses forecasts to change the temperature in advance, saving you further on both your bills and energy.

Smart home intergration

tado° thermostats' connectivity with systems and appliances for the smart home is one of its main advantages. tado°'s integration with Google Assistant, Apple HomeKit, and Amazon Alexa enables voice commands to operate your thermostat. You can also design unique automation rules for your home. This implies that you can programme your thermostat to change the temperature automatically in response to specific circumstances or triggers, such as the time of day or the outside weather.

Easy installation and setup

The method of installing and configuring a tado° thermostat is simple. You can watch videos and follow step-by-step instructions in the tado° app to help you with the installation procedure. Additionally, tado° works with a variety of heating systems, including heat pumps, underfloor heating, gas and oil boilers, and more. If you need help installing the tado° thermostat, our heating engineers across Pulborough, Storrington, Billingshurst and Horsham are here to help.

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