October 12, 2023

Boiler Checklist for New Homeowners

Buying a new house can be exciting, but it comes with many responsibilities. Our heating engineers highly recommend paying special attention to the boiler while checking the rest of the house. In this blog, we have outlined a few points that can help you make the right decision.

What to check on a boiler in your new home

Condition of the boiler

While surveying the house a buyer does not forget to look closely at the boiler. A neat and clean boiler gives us an impression of a fully functional boiler but that’s not always the case. Even when a boiler looks new and undamaged it can have problems. You should always check for leakages and dampness.

Age of the boiler

When you are planning on buying a newly built property you do not feel the need to check the age of the boiler because it’s new and unused. But you can’t ignore this point when you are buying an older property. The boiler’s age plays a massive part in the boiler’s performance. A well-managed boiler can last for more than fifteen years whereas a neglected one would not last for 5 years.

Boiler service record

Well-serviced boilers perform well and last longer. So, if a boiler has a record of annual visits by the heating engineers it is a well-kept boiler. Such boilers will save you the hassle of new boiler installation. Make sure you enquire about the service of the boiler before buying the house.

Make and Model of boiler

One more thing that a buyer should consider before buying the house is the make/model of the boiler. This information will help the owner with the maintenance of the boiler as well as with the purchase of spare parts in the future. The model of the boiler can also determine its quality.

ErP rating (Energy-related Products Directive)

The good news is that nowadays all new boilers on the market need to be rated between 92% and 94% efficiency, making the gap between the least energy-efficient and most on the market smaller.

Condensing boiler technology

Another factor in the improvement of energy-efficient boilers is the fact that all new boilers are condensing. Condensing boilers harness heat energy from waste gas and then reuses this energy to heat your home. This results overall in less gas being consumed by your boiler for the same results.

Choose a boiler approved by the Energy Saving Trust

The Energy Saving Trust has a boiler endorsement scheme that helps has picked out the top boilers that display the most energy-efficient boilers available for consumers. Selecting a boiler endorsed by The Energy Saving Trust will give you peace of mind that your boiler system meets and exceeds energy efficiency standards.

Hire an experienced heating engineer for boiler installation

A boiler is only as efficient as the heating engineer that installs it. If your boiler installation is carried out to a poor standard, you certainly won't be taking advantage of your boilers potential to save energy. Choosing a knowledgeable and experienced heating engineer to carry out the work is a must.

tips to find a trusted heating engineer

So, how do I find a trusted gas engineer?

Firstly, you will need to find a qualified Gas Safe registered engineer to help install, repair or service your boiler. There are many other factors to consider, these include...

Get a recommendation from your family and friends

Getting a recommendation for a heating engineer from somebody you know, is a great way to find a trades professional. Your friends and family will be able to give you their honest opinion on how they found the service and whether it had met their expectations.

Check for accreditations  

Anyone offering gas boiler services has to legally be registered with the Gas Safe Register. To find out if the heating engineer you hire is Gas Safe registered, simply have a look on their website or ask them to show you their Gas Safe ID. With this, you can then search for them on the main Gas Safe Register website.

Browse online directories and review websites

Taking a look through online trade directories and review websites will help you find comments of people who have hired the same heating engineer and the experience they have had with them. It also allows your to look for local engineers in your area.

Want to know more?

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