March 20, 2022

The Benefits of Boiler Servicing

Whether you’ve recently invested in a new boiler or have an older unit installed in your home, it makes commercial sense to invest in an annual boiler service. Servicing your boiler delivers a number of advantages to home-owners, so long as you employ the services of an accredited engineer who’s fully insured to work safely in your property.

boiler servicing advantages

What are the benefits of servicing my boiler?

1. Saves Lives

This may sound a little over-dramatic, but you cannot underestimate the danger posed by a faulty boiler in a typical residential home. Make no mistake as common faults can include leaks of noxious gases and a build-up of pressure in the system, each of which can compromise your boiler and place the safety of those who reside in your home at risk.

An annual service can help to negate this considerable risk, however, by identifying potential issues before they become too problematic. This provides a crucial safeguard for your home, particularly if you have a young family or children.

2. Saves You Money

An annual boiler service can help you save money by preventing any chances of your boiler breaking down and improving the general performance of the unit and correcting minor but impactful faults. Any issues within the boiler are fixed during the service so you are not faced with a costly repair bill later down the line.

So, if your boiler is making unusual sounds or failing to heat your water source to the required temperature, an annual service can help restore the unit to its full capacity. On a similar note, you should also consider having a powerflush carried out every five or 10 years. This uses robust chemicals to cleanse your heating system, reducing the amount of dirt, debris and contaminants and improving the efficiency and lifespan of your boiler in the process.

3. Keeps your warranty valid

Your boiler must be maintained annually by a Gas Safe licenced engineer as part of our warranties. If you don't, your warranty may be voided, resulting in costly repair fees if your boiler breaks down.

4. Improves Efficiency

We’ve already touched on improved efficiency, and there’s no doubt that an annual boiler service will contribute to this over a sustained period of time. This not only translates into cash savings, but it can also help you to reduce your energy consumption and reduce your household’s carbon footprint. This is important from an environmental and social perspective, as every household must do its best to improve the world around us.

5. Prepares your home for the winter

Getting your boiler serviced before the winter is highly recommended by many gas engineers. Nothing is more frustrating than turning on the heat at the beginning of Autumn only to discover it is malfunctioning or, worse, completely broken.

Booking in an annual boiler service to ensure your boiler is in good working order can keep you and your family safe while also saving money because you won't be paying for extra costs due to an undiscovered malfunction. A Gas Safe licenced engineer will perform necessary checks to ensure that your boiler continues to function regardless of the weather.

Why You Should Have Your Boiler Serviced With Pipeline Plumbing Services

In order to realise the full value of your boiler service, you’ll need to work alongside a reputable and Gas Safe Registered engineer. We certainly fit the bill at Pipeline Plumbing Services, as have more than 38 years’ experience in the industry and have built an army of loyal customers during this time. Make no mistake; most of our projects represent repeat business, as we continue to service the boilers that we’ve installed over a period of years. So, if you’re based in Pulborough or the surrounding areas, you can give us a call on 01903 740538 and arrange a visit. Or, why not email us at and request a quote in writing?

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